Thursday, 29 November 2012

NEW Woodland Paper Cut Frames!

With two little birds and a toadstool house in a foliage and flower heart :) You can also choose your background colour, frame style or without frame and background pattern.  

Available in my Etsy shop NOW for £22.50!

Monday, 26 November 2012

Exciting Arrival!

I got 200 Christmas cards printed for a company called Feet First and they arrived today :) The idea was to have a photograph of the owners grandsons Feet on the front which gives it a cute personal touch! I'm really pleased with the quality! Here's some quick snaps

Toadstool Pin Cushions

I will be selling these hand stitched pin cushions/ ornaments  along with papercut frames, cookie mix jars and other handmade bits and bobs at a Craft Fair in Princess Risborough. The first one is on Sunday 2nd of December @ Princess Risborough Community Centre, Stratton Rd, HP27 9AX admission 1pm!

Friday, 23 November 2012

Paper Cut Heart Frame

Just a very quick snap of the frames I am working on, they will be on ETSY soon! You will be able to choose your background colour and border if you want one :) They will be selling for £20-25

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Personalised Family Christmas Cards

Cute Family Christmas cards PERSONALISED with the family name 
They also come with and EXTRA SPECIAL printed envelope with a little penguin or owl on.

Personalised Christmas Cards

Adorable Penguin and owl christmas cards can be personalised with a special someones NAME and you can choose the RELATIONSHIP of the person that it's for like a Special Friend, Girlfriend, Wife, Niece... Or anything else!

You can also add a message to the hanging heart either -1st Xmas or With Love or have no heart. 
These cards also come with a SPECIAL PRINTED ENVELOPE , personalised with the recipients name! AVAILABLE ON ETSY £2.60

Personalised Christmas Cards!

Little Owl character Christmas Cards that can be personalised! The owl couple card can be personalised with a special couples name or for a loved one, a message can be added in the drop down heart, 'Your 1st xmas' or 'With Love' It also comes with a cute personalised printed envelope. AVAILABLE ON ETSY £2.60 

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Things to Make you Smile :)

I know its winter but I just love it when you get a cold but sunny day :)
1.There are some sweet frames on Etsy to brighten up your day by-Eager Illustration
2.I love the website To Dry For they have some gorgeous tea towel designs.
3.Spell and the gypsy collective- I just love this bright and cheerful bouquet :)
4.Pinterest- eeeek! So cute
5.Pinterest mmm sweets! A beautiful arrangement of jars with labels and bunting, amazing for a special birthday or wedding.

Monday, 19 November 2012

Sausage Dogs!

1. Fenella Smith Sausage Dog mugs- you could even buy a few mugs and display them in a row so you have a really long sausage dog! 

2.Dream Aid- I love these draft excluders.

3.Junecraft- I just love the colours and hand drawn elements in these designs.

4.Ralvery -How to make your own Sausage Dog scarf!

5.Farell & Holmes On Folksy- Cute Fabric Sausage Dogs

Friday, 16 November 2012

My Christmas Card in ASDA!

Don't look at the chipped nail varnish... I found a christmas card I designed for Hallmark Cards in ASDA while I was shopping!

Copyright of Hallmark Cards

Ollie The Owl!!

I'm having fun making lots of gifts for a Christmas Fair I'm doing in December :)  I found a knitted scarf in Charity Shop and it inspired me to make these little owls... I've taken some quick snaps...

Tesco Carrier Bag Design!

I love the fact Tesco have this cute design on their carrier bags! I love the mix of handlettering on the back too... Pretty!

Paper Cut Frames

I have reduced the prices of the Personalised Paper Cut Frames on Etsy!! I will be adding some cheaper non personalised frames very soon, they would make a perfect christmas present :)

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Becky Adams

I was doing a bit of tiding and came across a gorgeous book by Becky Adams and took a few photos of some of the pages. I love this little pocket watch book!

This 'Box for Caught Moths' is really cute and quirky, I love this idea of having a tiny handmade thing in a box. 

I just love this make do and mend style of finding bits from carboots and secondhand shops and creating something Cute!

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Christmas Present Idea!

I made these Cookie Jars last year and sold them on a stall to raise money for charity. They make a great christmas present or for something fun to make with children! You just tip the contents into a mixing bowl and add an egg and butter and mix. I made a label with the instructions inside and attached it to the jar. 

My Designs in Sainsburys!

When I worked at Hallmark cards I designed this christmas range for Sainburys, I was shopping yesterday and spotted it in the shop, exciting! :)

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Birthday Present Idea

I found this jar in a charity shop, gave it a good scrub and filled it with sweets then tied a big ribbon round it for a slightly more unique gift for a friend!

I designed this personalised paper layered card to go with her gift, it looks familiar :) 

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Cosy Knits!

Brrrrrrr!! It's getting cold outside! these cozy knits should keep you warm! I made these arm warmers for my niece last year. I would like to try knitting or crocheting some little animal characters this year (watch this space), if anyone knows any good books or you tube videos let me know!

I thought my phone could do with a cozy cover lol!

I'm working on a crochet snood at the moment,  I found the pattern on youtube and it was quite easy to follow and seems to grow really quickly which is always good! Click link to see the video.


Monday, 5 November 2012

Sarah & Marks Wedding

I just thought I would post some quick snaps (not the best quality) of some work I did for a couples wedding, with lots of papercut butterflies and lettering. Their theme was purple, white and silver with Papercut butterfly icons and lace. I got some lace from a car boot sale and scanned it in and with a bit of photoshop manipulation I created a unique border for the place names and table plan.

Friday, 2 November 2012

My Etsy Shop is now OPEN!! :)

Yay! My Etsy shop is now open. Please let me know what you think. If you would like to have a browse please click the link keep checking my blog for updates and new products!

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Bespoke Paper Cut Frames

These Bespoke Paper Cut Frames make a precious gift for a New Baby, Wedding Gift, Anniversary, Engagement or if you have a specfic requirement please contact me. Available to buy on Etsy very soon!! They measure 258mm x 258mm and are made to order.

If you would like a specific background colour please contact me!
These Frames will be available in my Etsy Shop soon!

Bespoke Wedding Frames

This Paper Cut Wedding Frame can be personalised with the date of the Wedding and initials of the happy couple. It makes the perfect wedding gift and keepsake to treasure forever. 

All Paper Cut Frames come with a handmade tag to write your special message, available on Etsy soon!

Bespoke colour options are available please contact me :)